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Get Your Pumpkin Party Started: The May Box of The Pumpkin Batch
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Today is the day when 90% of our monthly subscribers opened their mailboxes to find a box of pumpkin surprises waiting for them, and so now we are ready for the big reveal to all of you. The May edition of our monthly subscription box for pumpkin lovers included some amazingly good and hard-to-find-out-of-season pumpkin treats. The first reviews are already in and the verdict is this is one... Read More

Latest Pumpkin Batch Box Review and Coupon Code to Save
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You know since the beginning of this company we have encouraged the blogging community to provide independent, thoughtful reviews of what we do. It helps us to create better boxes and to understand what our customers like to see each month. We were truly “all smiles” after the latest review by Hello Subscription of the April Box: Renewal.   You can read the full review by this leading Subscription... Read More

Pumpkin Planting Guide
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Now that you have your heirloom, organic pumpkin seeds from your April edition of The Pumpkin Batch, you want to ensure they grow into plump, healthy pumpkins. But how? Most pumpkins need a large patch of garden in which to grow. Ensure you have about 36” between your pumpkin row and other plants and 48” between plants within the row. You should plant your pumpkin seeds in the soil outside... Read More

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