The Pumpkin Batch is the first monthly subscription box created exclusively for pumpkin lovers. Founded in July 2015, the online store launched for its first orders on August 20, 2015. As we said at the launch, "Pumpkin season is here and this time it's staying for good." Our goal was simple - comb the country for amazing pumpkin products and deliver them to pumpkin lovers year round. The journey we have been on since then has been a wild ride, and we could not have gotten to where we are today without the remarkable support of family, friends, and a cadre of amazing business partners that are working hard to help small business owners succeed like us. 

At the end of the day, we hope The Pumpkin Batch is a brand known for delivering exceptional pumpkin products year round with a care and thoughtfulness that seems like we are building these boxes just for you.


At the time, we were just looking for a way to share our passion for pumpkin with more people. A subscription box service was not on our radar. Then driving home from a friend's house one day, the idea just came and there was no turning back. It was clear from that moment the concept was so new and niche, it had more potential than we could even put into words at that moment.

The more we learned about subscription boxes, the more we realized this incredible way to deliver a quality service by harnessing the power of e-Commerce was clearly for us. We were hooked. The Pumpkin Batch is the passionate pursuit of a mom of two, whose love for pumpkin and "all things fall" go back as far as she can remember. She is supported in this endeavor by her husband and a network of talented friends and family who are willing to help this female entrepreneur turn a dream into reality.

Great question.

Our customers have a deep affinity with the flavors, sights, and smells of fall. They are looking for ways to extend their favorite season of bountiful harvests, cool air, and rich natural hues into their enjoyment of the eight other months of the year. For them, pumpkin is an emotional connection back to memories of simpler times and longer days. Our customers are true pumpkin lovers.

They start looking for pumpkin products in June or July and are relieved when the first pumpkin and pumpkin spice products are finally available in August or September.

Our customers want quality pumpkin products that they cannot get just anywhere, and they are simply ecstatic about the notion of access to pumpkin tastes and aromas 12 months of the year. 

Oh, yes. Really! The Pumpkin Batch finds wonderfully delicious and tasteful ways to bring the unique flavors and benefits of pumpkin every single month. Our service is easy, affordable, and a great value.  Our customers receive a hand-crafted box once a month right to their door full of carefully selected, high quality goodies with the tastes and aromas of pumpkin and pumpkin spice, and the inspiration of fall festivals.

This list is by no means a list of endorsements of The Pumpkin Batch, but we love what these companies do because they have helped us to find success, so its important to us to return the favor. Check them out.

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Customer Service Interface by ZenDesk

For a list of our partners that we have featured in past boxes of The Pumpkin Batch, visit our Partners Page.

Serena Fedor is the owner, founder, and curator of The Pumpkin Batch, LLC. She is a career woman who got her start in digital marketing and web design, and has built a reputation as a driven, passionate professional. The Pumpkin Batch is still a young company, and as she works to determine its place in the marketplace of subscription boxes and e-Commerce, Serena works hard to ensure it remains a labor of love. The Pumpkin Batch is a venture designed to deliver amazing products with exceptional customer service year round to its customers. Serena also runs the Blog - a website devoted to digital moms working hard to "get it right" in the digital age of parenting.

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