Attention Bloggers!

We love what you do. Each of you contributes your own personal story and perspective to the web each day with unique posts, product reviews, insights, and recommendations. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in being part of The Pumpkin Batch in the following ways:

  • Writing an objective review of an upcoming edition of The Pumpkin Batch
  • Featuring information about our company or our curator on your site.
  • Posting a video unboxing
  • Reposting content from our site on yours
  • Writing unique content for our Blog Seeds ‘n All

If any of these apply to your or more, you should reach out to us. Use the contact us page, get help button, or email us at admin @

Affiliate Marketing Program

We do have an affiliate marketing program through Share A Sale. Please follow this link to our brand page there to complete the application process. All applications are reviewed within 24 hours.




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